Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions form the basis of the contract between Value Learning Ltd and parents/carers. Value Learning reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions at any time.


Fees are payable in advance. However, two instalments per term may be allowed. You will need to speak to the Senior Tutor to make an arrangement.   Rates for tuition are subject to change by Value Learning at any time. Fees are non-refundable.

  • Late payment will incur a charge of 5% of the outstanding balance of fees
  • Value Learning will impose a further £10.00 administration charge on each occasion that it becomes necessary to pursue a late payment.
  • Non-payment of fees may result in the pupil being excluded from further classes.

Value Learning offer sibling discount of 5% off fees.

Drop off and collection: Parents must register their children with the tutor (outside the door due to COVID restrictions), and must collect at the end of the session at the designated area. We will keep children in the centre until they are collected by their parents or by another responsible adult (details must be given on the agreement).  Due to health and safety reasons, no child will be allowed to rush out into the car park to meet his or her parents. Persistent lateness to collect WILL incur extra charge at £5 for every 5 minutes.  Parents must ensure pupils are signed out on leaving.

Missed Lessons

Lessons missed by pupils due to school trips, sickness, holidays etc are not made up or credited. However, homework set for the missed session will be available for the pupil to complete. In the event that a session is cancelled by Value Learning, we will endeavour to make up the lesson. This could be on other teaching days and a supply tutor could be appointed to take any of the lessons. Alternatively, we may make up the time by increments over a couple of weeks.  However, we will not make up a lesson that has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control such as adverse weather conditions, natural crisis or a pandemic outbreak.  In the event that  a second lockdown is imposed due to COVID-19, we will move on to virtual classes online, using ZOOM or Teams.   Please note you need to give 4 weeks’ notice to stop tuition altogether and there are no refunds of fees. It will be beneficial for the child to finish at the end of term in order maximise their learning.

Personal Property: Value Learning does not accept liability for loss or damage to personal possessions brought to the Resource centre.

Centre Rules

  • Follow instructions of the tutors at all times
  • No food is to be brought into the teaching rooms – water is allowed.
  • Be polite and respectful towards adults and other children


In the unlikely event of fire, the tutors will evacuate children to the fire assembly point. It is vital that parents do not attempt to collect children from the Centre at this time.  Each child will be checked against the register before releasing them.

Homework : This should take at least 30 minutes a day but would exponentially increase over the academic year for 11 plus pupils. Parents must mark homework (all answers provided) and comment on significant difficulties a child may have in the homework book provided. This will be addressed individually by the tutor in class.