Value Learning tuition has been  providing academic tuition for over 12 years in Reading. We are passionate about education and our teaching methodology has been proven to bring improvement to our pupils learning and build their confidence. Value Learning’s after school tuition provides individualised learning with positive and corrective feedback combined with lots of support, this brings improvement and develops confidence in every child. We strive to ensure  every child fulfils their potential. At Value Learning, our pupils make huge progress because we instil a positive attitude to learning.

Our students enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the Learning Centre and friendly interaction with our tutors.

Why Value Learning?

Meet Every Child’s Individual Needs

Value Learning Philosophy

Every child has the potential to achieve success

Value Learning Promise

Give the best possible tuition and support to every child

Value Learning Objective

Inspire every pupil to realise their educational goals

Curriculum Director

Temi JOseph


Temi has extensive teaching experience that spans over 18 years.  As one of the Senior tutors, she has helped many students with varying abilities to achieve their educational goals as well as prepare pupils for the 11plus entrance exams. She is passionate about stimulating children to learn and seeing students realise their full potential.

Temi is a mentor to many young people and has numerous success stories in  helping pupils understand the concepts in mathematics as well as overcome their negative perception of this subject.  Many of her former students have become, doctors, pharmacists, dentists and accountants. Her enthusiasm and bespoke methods of teaching has proven to be a “hit” amongst her students.

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