11+ Mock Test

Value Learning 11 Plus Mock Test Days are open to all of its course students as well as anyone who would like the opportunity to sit 11+ tests in exam conditions. We offer Value Learning 11+ “CEM” (Berkshire) and GL (Buckinghamshire) Mock tests.

We try as much as possible to “mirror” the real 11+ CEM style including using pre- recorded audio instructions during the tests.

All answers are recorded on the multiple-choice answer sheets, however working out can be done on the question papers.

Venue: Earley St Peter’s Church hall, Church Road, Earley, Reading RG6 1EY.

All Covid protocols are observed to ensure the 11+ mock tests take place safely.

Cost: £70.

Format: 11+ Mock Tests multiple choice comprises: Non-Verbal Reasoning, Numerical reasoning, Verbal Reasoning & English Comprehension.

The tests are split into sections which are timed separately, but the total time for each test is 45-50 minutes. The 11+ mock bespoke tests have been carefully written by the Director of Learning and team of experienced teachers.

Value Learning 11+ Mock tests benefits for your child:


Most frequent questions and answers

Once payment has been made, you will receive a receipt and confirmation email. 

All  tests (afternoon & morning) are administered for 2 hours and includes a 10 minute break.

Please ensure your child arrives with a small bottle of water (if desired), at least 2 HB pencils and a good rubber/eraser for the multiple choice answer sheets. This should be carried into the exam room in a clear plastic pencil case / bag . It is important that your child has a good night’s sleep the previous day.

Registration will take place at the foyer. You will not be allowed to accompany your child into the exam room itself.

All students must be in the exam room by the start time of each session. Therefore, please ensure you arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of the session to ensure your child is ready to start promptly. It is important to allow time for a quick visit to the toilet just before the session.

There is unfortunately no facility within the venue for all parents to wait. We ask that parents should come back at the end of the tests to collect their child promptly.

There is a 10 minute break between sessions during which your child will have a chance to leave the exam room, take a quick toilet break and enjoy a drink or snack (please provide). Parents are not allowed  to return during the breaks as we aim to “mirror” the tests as close to the real exam as possible.

The detailed feedback will include individual scores for each question type, a combined total score for both papers, and a median score for the group.  You will receive an email with your child’s results.