11+ Summer Course

This course is designed for children who want to improve on their performance and build confidence for the 11+ exam. It could also serve as a revision course for reinforcement or to address particular areas of difficulty.

The course is open and suitable for all pupils preparing for the CEM 11+ exams for Berkshire and GL Assessment 11+ tests for Buckinghamshire.

11+ Summer Course to help your child do better

What we include in our Summer Course

Verbal Reasoning

Synonyms & Antonyms
Odd one out
Word association
Jumbled up sentences
Double meaning etc

Non-Verbal Reasoning

Question types including rotation of 3D
shapes and nets
Sequencing and visual perception
Correct strategies in order to improve accuracy

Maths/Numerical Reasoning

Number & Algebra
Shape & Space
Measures & Handling data
Logic & Problem solving


Close tests & spelling
Grammar & word building puzzles